Ethar Tariq Khalil Ibrahim Al-Obaidi

/ Dean Of College of Media

Name: Ethar Tariq Khalil Ibrahim Al-Obaidi

Academic qualification: Ph.D

Academic title: Assistant Professor

Place and date of birth: Baghdad 1974

Marital status: married

Religion Muslim

Specialization: Advertising

Position: Dean of College of Media / Al-Iraqia University

Work address: Al-Iraqia University/College of Media/Baghdad

personal information

1- Certificate: Bachelor’s degree

Major: Bachelor’s degree in media/journalism

Donor: University of Baghdad/Iraq/Baghdad

Date of obtaining the certificate: 1996


2- Certificate: Master’s

Specialization: Public Relations

University: University of Baghdad/Iraq/Baghdad

Date of obtaining certificate: 2007


3- Certificate: Ph.D

Specialization: Public Relations

University: University of Baghdad/Iraq/Baghdad

Date of obtaining certificate: 2016


Scientific Qualification

Rapporteur of the Department of Media Department / College of Arts / Islamic University (formerly) for the period 2008-2010

2- Decision of the Press Department / College of Media / Al-Iraqia University for period from 2010-2013.

3- Managing Editor of (Al-Khaber) newspaper.

4- Assistant Dean of College of Media for Administrative Affairs for the period from 9/10/2016 to 10/31/2018.

5- Associate Dean of the College of Information for Scientific Affairs for the period from 1/11/2018 to 12/1/2020

6- Dean of the Faculty of Media for the period from 13/1/2020 (until now).

Scientific Qualifications

  • Dr. Ethar had many Activities and achievements to serve community such as: 

    • Creating of a refereed scientific journal for the college entitled (Journal of Media Studies and Research – Massar).
    • Establishing a smart interactive electronic hall.
    • Developing a central hall of the college and adding a smart interactive screen.
    • Establishing a modern scientific library (free of charge) that includes more than 10,000 books, within a public relations campaign entitled (Initiative).
    • Establishing an electronic library (for free) that includes more than (10,000) e-books.
    • Designing an electronic program (for Master’s Chet) that bypasses all the traditional processes of the examination committees.
    • Creating a public opinion polls unit.
    • Introducing a program (my class) within the smart hall in the college
    • Creating an Arabic language unit.
    • Introducing postgraduate studies (Master’s) in the Public Relations Department.
    • Gifting an electronic library containing hundreds of books, theses and scientific theses

    To the college library to enrich the library and establish a nucleus for an electronic scientific library that keeps pace with developments of Technical in the world of libraries.

    • Organizing many initiatives for solidarity and support of Armed Forces and Popular Mobilization.
    • Chairman of Voluntary Work and Fundraising Committee organized by the Popular Mobilization Authority to support Iraqi army, the popular crowd and families of the martyrs in 2017.
    • Chairman of the committee supervising the national campaign (Men’atash) organized by Ministry of Education Iraq to alleviate suffering of the children of Nineveh.
    • Organizing a number of scientific exhibitions on the sidelines of the annual press department festivals.
    • Organizing an exhibition of student advertising products 2019.
    • Organizing a number of field visits and continuous communication with the students of Dormitory departments.

Achievements and Initiatives to Serve University and Society

Professional syndicates membership
  • Member of the Committee of Deans of Media Faculties in Iraq
    Member of the Media Curriculum Experts Committee in Iraq.
    Member of the Iraqi University Council.
    Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Media Studies and Research, Massar
    Member of the Education Quality Survey Committee (Student Services) – 2011
    Member of the Evaluation File Committee for the Quality of the College’s Performance for the Year 2010-2011
    Member of the committee for developing the scientific plan for the college’s directions for the academic year 2011-2012.
    Member of the College Performance Follow-up Committee 2011.
    Another member of the 2nd Press Festivals (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 5th and 6th)
    Member of the proposed committee for preliminary studies 2014-2015
    Member of the Committee for the Implementation of Strategic Plan Programs for Scientific Departments, Divisions and Units for the year
scientific research

(7) Scientific research published and approved for publication in refereed scientific journals.

(4) Newly published scientific research papers

– A collection of media studies and press articles published in newspapers and general magazines.